Apply now to attend exciting meeting on social behavior

Have you heard of NAKFI? It is the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative. The meeting 13 to 15 November 2014 is taking applications now and it is about social behavior, most broadly interpreted.  Its official title is Collective Behavior: from Cells to Societies and Gene Robinson is in charge of the steering committee. I could tell you a lot more about this broad meeting from microbes to robots, from sociology to cancer, but you should just follow the link above and read about it there.

There are two really cool things about this meeting. First, it is a working meeting, with only one talk. The rest is doing and communicating, finding common ground and forging ahead. The second cool thing is that if you find people and ideas you want to pursue, there is funding you can apply for to extend interactions after the meeting in various ways. I’ll leave you to read the website to get more on this.

The meeting centers on different Interdisciplinary Research Challenges.  Since I’m on the organizing committee, I’m helping draft these. There are some good ones!

This is a really cool meeting and everything is paid for, so it is competitive to get in. The deadline is 19 March 2014, so get busy! It should be fun!

About Joan E. Strassmann

Evolutionary biologist, studies social behavior in insects & microbes, interested in education, travel, birds, tropics, nature, food; biology professor at Washington University in St. Louis
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2 Responses to Apply now to attend exciting meeting on social behavior

  1. This looks fantastic! Are PhD students (final year) likely to be considered or it is primarily aimed at senior academics?

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