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Science at your local farmer’s market!

Did you ever think about sharing your science at your local farmer’s market? This is a special venue because it is outdoors; people attending the farmer’s market are not necessarily the same ones that seek out science at the zoo, … Continue reading

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For your NSF proposal, fit your Broader Impacts to existing infrastructure

One of the challenges to writing a compelling Broader Impacts section in your grant proposal is that we are not generally educated in this area. We are not high school teachers. Most of us have never made a museum exhibit, … Continue reading

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Take the nomination pledge!

Anyone who follows the awards given by just about any scientific society will notice the lack of women. I could start listing awards given seldom to women from all our various societies. But instead, I ask something simple. Pledge to … Continue reading

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What’s the point of an external scientific advisory committee?

A couple of weeks ago a lot of very busy and amazing scientists spent a lot of time preparing for a day with their external scientific advisory committee. They gave talks, organized meals, showed us lots of charts about who … Continue reading

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Evidence based science communication!

One of my gripes about us scientists (yes, I’m also guilty) is that we seem to turn off our critical minds when we talk about teaching, women and minority issues, and about communicating with the public. Meanwhile there are all … Continue reading

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