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Women and Wikipedia

Perhaps you have seen that Nobel Laureate in chemistry, Donna Strickland did not have a Wikipedia page until just now. She was deemed by the moderator not to be worthy back in March 2018. See the discussion on the Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Take the nomination pledge!

Anyone who follows the awards given by just about any scientific society will notice the lack of women. I could start listing awards given seldom to women from all our various societies. But instead, I ask something simple. Pledge to … Continue reading

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There is a new self-sign-up list of women and underrepresented minorities in ecology and evolution

Are you wondering where all the women are? Are you tired of meetings with only a couple women in prominent speaking spots? I think even well-meaning people do not think of us quickly.  Or they think of the same handful … Continue reading

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Let’s nominate fantastic women for NSF’s Waterman Award!

I just got an email from France Córdova asking for nominations for the Waterman Award. It goes to a US Citizen or permanent resident under 35 and not 7 years past Ph.D. It needs 4 letters of reference. Nominations are … Continue reading

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Women, don’t avoid field work for fear!

I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff lately on women who were sexually harassed while doing field work. There was a study published in  PLoS ONE by Clancy et al. that went into some details on inappropriate comments and unwelcome … Continue reading

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Don’t be too quick to accept things you think you cannot change: doubting the serenity prayer

If you have a mug or a wall hanging with a saying on it, odds are it is the Serenity prayer. It goes like this: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to … Continue reading

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Do women ever get the faculty achievement awards at your university?

We just got the invitation to the Faculty Achievement and Awards Ceremony from our Chancellor and Mrs. Chancellor (that’s right, her name is not on there except as Mrs. So and So), and from the Faculty Senate Council and its … Continue reading

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