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Don’t you want to share your slides? Here’s an easy way to do it!

A friend of mine here at Wash U, Liz Dorland, shares all her talks. She works on effective science teaching, so I refer to her talks often. Liz uses Slideshare for this. Since she discovered it, it might be good … Continue reading

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Nominate your hero, your mentor, or your colleague for that well-deserved award

Do you sometimes wonder how the people that get prizes are chosen? Can you think of someone who had a big influence on you that should get a prize? Identify the prizes given by your scientific societies and nominate the … Continue reading

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Make your letters of recommendation show, not tell, and be careful!

In a way, the letter of recommendation is the good-old-boy-club side of a portfolio. Maybe a kinder way of stating this is that it is the human side of a person’s file. After all, the data that should be most … Continue reading

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