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No, those microbes are not cooperating

One of the things I love about watching marked wasps on a nest is that I can see what is happening. What drew me into social wasps at the very beginning was this ability to watch behavior, then figure out … Continue reading

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A favorite meeting, small but open, posters, a single talk session

If someone invited me, back in the days I was working on wasps to a meeting that focused entirely on one species, perhaps my much-loved Polistes exclamans, I would have gone readily. That meeting might have covered behavior, ecology, phylogeny, … Continue reading

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The language of sociomicrobiology: report from a meeting for the Forum on Microbial Threats

Last night I got back from an excellent small meeting at the Institute of Medicine‘s Forum on Microbial Threats. You may wonder what on earth I was doing there, but the actual topic of this workshop was The Social Biology … Continue reading

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Oh, no! Contaminated Petri plates!

In our case, we ruled out person (showed up on some of everyone’s plates), type of experiment (we aren’t doing that much yet), and even autoclave run. … This doesn’t mean this is the answer, but it does mean we can change this one variable, and hope the problem goes away. Continue reading

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