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Women, don’t avoid field work for fear!

I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff lately on women who were sexually harassed while doing field work. There was a study published in  PLoS ONE by Clancy et al. that went into some details on inappropriate comments and unwelcome … Continue reading

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Research creativity and the importance of vacations

Meetings, teaching, preparing for teaching, reading, lab meeting, journal club, a few minutes for paper writing, data analysis, even a quick peek through a microscope, and maybe a few seconds for lunch with your group take up all the time. … It can help you jettison a hard, time-consuming technique when a newer one comes along, even if the new one requires some activation energy and someone in the group has invested a lot in the old one. Continue reading

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Why is Alan Templeton catching grasshoppers in the Ozarks?

Well, if it does, then the current populations of grasshoppers in glades where humans have suppressed fires for many grasshopper generations should be genetically more isolated and differentiated than those in glades where there were recent fires. … IMG_2281.JPG jeff smith came along and proved to be an excellent grasshopper hunter. IMG_2226.JPG It just looks like a patch in the forest, but the underlying soil is thinner, more rocky. IMG_2289.JPG We saw some other social insects, these lovely tent caterpillars. IMG_2299.JPG   A very nice wasp, Polistes metricus, got caught in the web, unable to hunt these caterpillars. IMG_2261.JPG jeff found this praying mantis. Continue reading

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