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What have you discovered?

In the last two weeks I have nominated more than a dozen of you for a very nice honor. I had to go to your papers, to your web pages and CVs to do this. And I found how productive … Continue reading

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Active learning in research perspectives and science communication

Science is a lot more than measuring and testing ideas. It is a rich social endeavor with its own language, its own standards, its own ethics, and its own literature. Undergraduates miss out if they do not learn this. But … Continue reading

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Improv for scientific communication with Aniek Ivens

How I wish I understood you, but I have no idea what you are talking about. You seem friendly and animated and clearly love your research, but what is your question? Why do you like this figure so much? What … Continue reading

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St. Louis Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Haiku

Minnows in water/ indicate old ancestry/ and flowing rivers. Leiopelma frogs/ jumping cannot tuck their legs/ so they belly flop. How many women/ Make scientific meetings fair?/ We need many more. Kudzu from China/ Does American climate/ predict invasion? Burying … Continue reading

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Why you should use the word “evolution” if that is what you study

How often do you hear people say evolution when that is actually what they are working on? If you do not use the word, then some people will not get the connection of your work to this unifying theory. If … Continue reading

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Consider a temporary stint as ecology and evolution editor at Nature

Patrick Goymer is taking a half year paternity leave at Nature and so they are looking for a replacement. Here is the announcement. I bet there are few positions that are as likely to help you learn about your field … Continue reading

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Do reporters ever understand authorship?

We just published a paper in PNAS that showed something really cool. In summary, we identified the small molecules produced by an inedible bacterium and used as weapons against other clones and secret sauce for the host Dictyostelium discoideum clone. … Continue reading

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