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Will anyone remember your meeting talk?

What if you gave a talk and everyone came, but no one remembered it even as they left the room? What if they did not remember what the main problem was, how you approached it, or what you discovered? What … Continue reading

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Cranky about overwhelmingly male symposia

A retirement symposium for a dear colleague is no place for complaints. No doubt all the people talking are fond of and close to him. He is no sexist, was one of the first people to welcome us to Wash … Continue reading

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Nominate your hero, your mentor, or your colleague for that well-deserved award

Do you sometimes wonder how the people that get prizes are chosen? Can you think of someone who had a big influence on you that should get a prize? Identify the prizes given by your scientific societies and nominate the … Continue reading

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Should officers at scientific meetings be identified?

Should officers of a scientific society have a little ribbon on their badges to identify them, or should they circulate anonymously through the posters and coffe breaks? I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m just home from two … Continue reading

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Stay for the whole meeting, skip some of the talks

Sometimes it seems like there is this game at meetings where people show how important they are by how little time they can stay. They just dash in, give their talks, then dash out. Don’t do this. Meetings are not … Continue reading

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Scientific meetings are important, so plan your summer now

Some meeting deadlines have already passed. Others are hard on us. Choose a meeting now and figure out how to get to it. If you are a student, or postdoc, find all the competitions you can enter and do it. … Continue reading

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