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We have a position for a postdoc on amoeba-bacteria symbiosis available immediately!

Finally we got the call from NSF that our grant proposal was being recommended for funding in full. This new funding uses the social amoeba bacteria symbiosis to tease out exactly how mutualisms work, with both empirical work and theory. … Continue reading

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The successful professor of science

In the business world, technician, project manager and program manager are different jobs, but in academia, the successful career has elements of all three, particularly for scientists and engineers. What exactly are these jobs? The woman I sat next to … Continue reading

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How to solve hard, important research problems

People keep talking about low hanging fruit, but the low hanging tomatoes in my garden are the first to rot. Maybe other people can find easy and amazing things to study. I don’t think there is much hope for that. … Continue reading

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A favorite meeting, small but open, posters, a single talk session

If someone invited me, back in the days I was working on wasps to a meeting that focused entirely on one species, perhaps my much-loved Polistes exclamans, I would have gone readily. That meeting might have covered behavior, ecology, phylogeny, … Continue reading

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What is an idea?

I’m taking this online course in creativity, courtesy of Andy Burnett and KnowInnovation. I’m curious as to what I will learn, making me determined to give it my full effort. There are these little videos with a yellow guy we’re … Continue reading

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Scientific meetings are important, so plan your summer now

Some meeting deadlines have already passed. Others are hard on us. Choose a meeting now and figure out how to get to it. If you are a student, or postdoc, find all the competitions you can enter and do it. … Continue reading

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