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Explode your classroom

Any architect would tell you that space defines interactions, but we also know that humans adapt to their conditions. How does this affect teaching? This is a short personal story and a plea for an entirely different kind of classroom. … Continue reading

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Be welcoming to the students that may need disability accommodation

I have to confess I don’t like to be told what goes on my syllabus. After all, it is my class and I have a very good idea of how to teach and how to reach out to students. I … Continue reading

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What to do about a low GRE verbal score

How can you fix a low GRE verbal score when it is dependent on a lifetime of reading, listening to complex language, and writing? Little children have no control over the richness of language they hear. They don’t get to … Continue reading

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Communication up is better than communication down

A research lab group is a complex mix of partly independent individuals of varying research levels attempting to do something new. There is usually a power and information inequity because the laboratory leader controls much of the funding, has more … Continue reading

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Journal club extended to research planning for students at the Gulbenkian in Portugal

Did you drift from one project to another during your first year in graduate school? Did your program have you do rotations? Did you continue something you began as an undergrad? Or did you simply join one lab, get on … Continue reading

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What E. O. Wilson got right, what confused him, and what he disrespected

The brilliant conservation and ant biologist E. O. Wilson wrote a bizarre piece for the Wall Street Journal recently. It is modified from an upcoming book of advice for young students. It has inspired an intense flurry of highly negative … Continue reading

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How to get a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, a SURF

If you aren’t going to change your life by studying at a biological field station, there are few better things to do with an undergraduate summer than research. One of the more interesting programs is called SURF, Summer Undergraduate Research … Continue reading

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Do you know you can post prior to publication at arXiv?

Long had I heard that in mathematics sharing and crediting of new ideas happened outside of the normal publishing routes, recently through online channels prior to review. Even journals like Science and Nature tolerate this kind of posting. As others … Continue reading

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A favorite meeting, small but open, posters, a single talk session

If someone invited me, back in the days I was working on wasps to a meeting that focused entirely on one species, perhaps my much-loved Polistes exclamans, I would have gone readily. That meeting might have covered behavior, ecology, phylogeny, … Continue reading

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Why I like the separation of academic departments and colleges

One of the best things for creative scholarship is to feel you are in the company of others also striving for understanding and clarity. That company is often best if it is quiet, even dead. This is because we need … Continue reading

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