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How to write a letter of recommendation: 5 essentials

“Kind to pets” is what a colleague calls positive letters of recommendation that don’t really say anything. Even worse is “word salad,” a series of highly predictable sentences that could be said about anyone.  I write tons of letters every … Continue reading

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How to make your vote count in scientific competitions

One of the things we do at meetings and at this time of year in universities is we judge posters and sometimes talks or papers. The winning poster gets a ribbon and maybe a hundred dollars. It is another line … Continue reading

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The three questions on our prospective graduate student evaluation form

We learn so much about our new grad student applicants, but the form we fill out on line for our Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, DBBS, only wants us to put down three things. We are asked: 1. What … Continue reading

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Tips for job applicants: describe your contribution on multi-author papers

As I read through the second pass on our over 200 job applicants, I wonder who did what on the multi-author papers. Most people just leave me wondering, but every now and then someone will specify, in italics, under the … Continue reading

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You will be judged; your large team research grant will be reviewed

Once I was involved in deciding who would get an important mentoring prize. One of the candidates was from the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. He had many students supporting his nomination. They pointed out how empathetic he … Continue reading

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