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How do you get an academic job in biology?

You have published your research, figured out how to apply for grants, identified some absorbing big ideas to spend a few years or a lifetime on, but now you want that coveted academic job to put this all together. It … Continue reading

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Five reasons to hire you for our open faculty position

Hiring is one of the most important things we do. A new hire is a colleague for years, possibly decades. The new professor will figure out things we don’t know, will even completely change the way we view a major … Continue reading

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Can a rubric help with faculty hiring?

Rubrics seem to be all the rage these days, whether they are appropriate or not. A rubric is simply a system for assigning points to different aspects of an assignment. They can be very useful for communicating to a student … Continue reading

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Tips for job applicants: why we don’t agree on the top candidates

Here are the steps we take in choosing whom to interview, in case you are just tuning in. First, each person on the search committee read about a third of the applicants. Two people read each applicant. Then each reader … Continue reading

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Should you apply for our assistant professor position?

I know the feeling. There is a job posting that might be attractive, so perhaps you should apply. But to do that you have to update your CV, write a statement of research and teaching interests, and generally agitate your … Continue reading

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Please send your job application materials and reference letters only to the official address

When we hire we want a brilliant, creative, collegial scientist. We also want someone who helps with all the tasks a community of professors has to do in a department. This is not so easy to evaluate. One of the … Continue reading

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How to interview technician job candidates

Running an academic lab can be challenging. One of the challenges is hiring. This is important to get right. In this post I’m talking specifically about hiring a technician, though some of the issues are similar for grad students and … Continue reading

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