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Interviewing students the Oxford way

You made it! You have an interview at the top university in the world! You will meet in person with several professors or other academic staff from two or three of the colleges. One of them might be the cloistered … Continue reading

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Don’t lose focus on grad student interviews!

It is again time to interview next year’s potential grad students. They have flown in from all over the country and will be spending a few days with us. Our current grad students will let us know how collegial they … Continue reading

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How to interview prospective graduate students

Graduate school is a very special place. In graduate school you should discover research areas so fascinating that probing them will sustain you for your life. What works for you will be a complex mix of intellectual area, techniques of … Continue reading

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How to interview technician job candidates

Running an academic lab can be challenging. One of the challenges is hiring. This is important to get right. In this post I’m talking specifically about hiring a technician, though some of the issues are similar for grad students and … Continue reading

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Impressing us on your graduate school interview

You got an interview! You are so close to leaving behind the incessant tests and classes of undergraduate years and moving on to focussed research, accompanied by deep reading in the areas you love. Your undergraduate debts will wait as … Continue reading

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