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Grant review: best proposal or most needy scientist?

In a few short hours I read nine proposals from graduate students interested in funding for their research. Because this was a focused call, they were largely similar. They all involved field work, natural history, and queries into the relationship … Continue reading

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Can a rubric help with faculty hiring?

Rubrics seem to be all the rage these days, whether they are appropriate or not. A rubric is simply a system for assigning points to different aspects of an assignment. They can be very useful for communicating to a student … Continue reading

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How to make your vote count in scientific competitions

One of the things we do at meetings and at this time of year in universities is we judge posters and sometimes talks or papers. The winning poster gets a ribbon and maybe a hundred dollars. It is another line … Continue reading

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The three questions on our prospective graduate student evaluation form

We learn so much about our new grad student applicants, but the form we fill out on line for our Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, DBBS, only wants us to put down three things. We are asked: 1. What … Continue reading

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