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Communication up is better than communication down

A research lab group is a complex mix of partly independent individuals of varying research levels attempting to do something new. There is usually a power and information inequity because the laboratory leader controls much of the funding, has more … Continue reading

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Lab meeting talks

She began with a couple of figures taken from someone else’s paper. They showed exactly what that other study measured. Sara Mitri told us what motivated that study. She then went on to clearly explain how her study would be … Continue reading

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Don’t discuss papers you get to review with your lab group!

One of the things about disagreement, particularly in the Midwest, I think, is that it comes as much from what is not said as from what is said. In this case, I think the consensus is that it is NOT … Continue reading

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Can you discuss a paper you got to review with your lab group?

Recently I got a very interesting paper to review. I reviewed it promptly, sent in a very positive review, then realized it would be fun to discuss with our lab group. I labeled it “confidential,” then sent it around for … Continue reading

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