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NSF Preproposals – a failed idea at DEB and IOS?

Preproposals came to DEB and IOS about three years ago to solve the problem of too many proposals and too few willing reviewers. They were also thought to solve the problem of too much investigator time wasted on writing unfunded … Continue reading

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How to review a grant proposal

There are only four things that you should consider when you review a proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation. You should weight them more or less equally. By that, I mean that weakness in any one of these elements … Continue reading

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Undergrads in the lab!

Undergraduates bring joy to research. They are new, they are fresh, and they are easily amazed. They work well in teams. They are also much more likely to break the centrifuge, contaminate the bench, mislabel the samples, or even start … Continue reading

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Mixed reports on the NSF preproposal process

By now you’ve heard your fate on the preproposal. Some very generous bloggers are telling the story from the panelist perspective. I think the biggest question is whether they are treated like a four page version of a full proposal, … Continue reading

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