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Do you have a lab philosophy?

Recently our lab group spent a bit of time deciding on exactly how we want to interact with one another. What is this  whole lab group business all about? What are the rules? What are the guidelines? Do we have … Continue reading

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No deadline more than a week away really works

In our trimesterly meetings with grad students and postdocs we have been discussing the importance of personal deadlines along with larger goals. One person said she liked deadlines, and would appreciate it if we set them together and then reminded … Continue reading

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Mindfulness of the day: what are you getting done?

In preschool, it is much more effective to offer a new toy to tussling children than to try to reason them out of the competition. Maybe our careers need some new toys too. At least we might need frequent moments … Continue reading

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How to change an organization, a department, a curriculum

Whatever field you are in, there will be organizations with structure and rules. In academics, departments have committees, undergraduates have a required curriculum, graduate students have their courses, exams, and theses. Sometimes these structures are very well known and standard … Continue reading

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The successful professor of science

In the business world, technician, project manager and program manager are different jobs, but in academia, the successful career has elements of all three, particularly for scientists and engineers. What exactly are these jobs? The woman I sat next to … Continue reading

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Great irresponsibility, or great organization?

Sometimes it is easier to just do whatever tasks stream at you through the incessant flow of email than to work on the conceptually difficult, important, long term research papers. At other times you want to scream and throw things … Continue reading

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More on work life balance: get writing done first!

Wouldn’t it be interesting to zoom backwards and forwards to other times and see how much time we really spend working and what areas we work in? Does email count? Checking Facebook? Answering colleagues’s emails? What counts? Does the work … Continue reading

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