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Postdoctoral openings in the Queller/Strassmann lab!!!

Hello, everyone,  here is the official ad. We are hiring! Available postdoctoral fellowships on social evolution and symbiosis at Washington University in St. Louis. One or more postdoctoral positions for 2-3 years are available for work on several aspects of … Continue reading

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Communication up is better than communication down

A research lab group is a complex mix of partly independent individuals of varying research levels attempting to do something new. There is usually a power and information inequity because the laboratory leader controls much of the funding, has more … Continue reading

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Don’t lose track of future co-authors

Sometimes a paper takes its time to be born. It could be years before the last tricky analysis is done, or before you decide exactly how to interpret messy data. If summer undergraduates collected those data and participated enough in … Continue reading

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