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The power of explaining someone else’s idea

In our short evening class we like to have time to think, time to write, time to talk, and time to share. When these go together well, it is transformative. Last week in the last class before spring break, we … Continue reading

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Teaching effectively and efficiently: abstract writing

Are you happy with how you teach writing? Do you have a trick? The only tricks I have are to give good examples and to have students write a lot. Beth Fisher at a Wash U writing workshop convinced me … Continue reading

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How to organize a fabulous small meeting

  When I see a young scientist talking to one of the grizzled leaders of the field at a meeting I have organized, I hope that the new scientist will discover something valuable from her elder. Likewise, I hope the … Continue reading

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Giddy with the success of our undergrads and their posters

Today our six research undergraduates, Kai, Alicia, Libby, Stephanie, Olivia, and Daniela, presented their research on posters at the Fall Undergraduate Poster Session, scheduled to fall on parent’s weekend. We began planning at the beginning of the semester how they … Continue reading

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Poster session blues

Did I miss your poster? Were there hundreds of posters crammed into narrow aisles? Was the poster session only two hours long? Did I find plenty of people to talk to who did not have posters? Sometimes I like to … Continue reading

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Did you go to the undergraduate poster session at your university?

Yesterday was the spring poster session by Wash U undergrads.  There were about 180 posters. Apparently they were organized according to submission date, so literature could be next to physics or  biology. At first that baffled me, but then I … Continue reading

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Undergrads in the lab!

Undergraduates bring joy to research. They are new, they are fresh, and they are easily amazed. They work well in teams. They are also much more likely to break the centrifuge, contaminate the bench, mislabel the samples, or even start … Continue reading

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