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Need to open really old powerpoints?

You probably aren’t old enough to have talks from the 1990s that you want to open with Powerpoint, to grab old slides, to see how you did it back then, or simply our of curiosity. But if you are and … Continue reading

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Best powerpoint tip: black writing on a white background

The tools you have in Powerpoint or Keynote can be intoxicating. You can give a purple on green talk. You can have the new slide zoom in from any direction. You can make every slide with a different background. You … Continue reading

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It isn’t only your story: acknowledge forward

What does it feel like when you hear someone talk about your work as if you never existed? What do they gain by leaving you to a pile of names at the end? Heck, you even made those slides. You … Continue reading

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What to do when your mind and fingers wander during a talk

You are sitting in a dark room, your internet-activated computer right in front of you. Facebook beckons. Your email icon is bouncing, but you really want to listen to this talk. But the body is weak. What to do? This … Continue reading

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Ignite your audience with lightning or Pecha Kucha form talks

Long before Powerpoint existed I once was a teaching assistant for an introductory biology class in the intensive summer session at the University of Texas at Austin. One of my main tasks was to sit in the back of the … Continue reading

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