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Make sure your prospective Ph.D. adviser is taking students!!!

Grad school applications are very different from applying to college. It is nearly always the case that in ecology and evolution, you only get admitted if there is an adviser who will take you. This is true even if there … Continue reading

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How to avoid choosing zombie professors for grad school

The list of faculty affiliated with a program is a political document more than an accurate document. At my university anyone who is on the faculty and wants to be affiliated with a program may be. Some of the people … Continue reading

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Why I didn’t answer your email

Do you know that personality characterization called OCEAN, openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism? It is supposedly much more supported by research than the simple extraversion-introversion espoused by that Quiet book, and is not as random as the Myers Briggs … Continue reading

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Undergraduates, stop before sending that email!

Even in the smallest, most elite universities, there are more students than professors in nearly every class. In my current biggest class there are 52 students. Imagine what it is like for me and my teaching assistants when students decide … Continue reading

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Prospective graduate students, don’t make this mistake!

Just now I spent several hours reading through the application files of prospective Ecology, Evolution, and Population Biology graduate students. Soon we will begin meeting to decide on an interview list. My first reaction when I read files like this … Continue reading

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