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The best job for an undergrad premed student

Before medical school in the USA, premed students can major in anything, provided they take a certain number of science courses and some other requirements. In addition to college, they shadow doctors, observe in clinics, and go on service trips … Continue reading

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Undergraduate journal clubs are important

In the summer, the undergraduates in our lab group meet without us. During the academic year they have a lab meeting and journal club dedicated just to them. This is important because it is hard to think critically when you … Continue reading

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The most important academic thing an undergraduate must do: cultivate three professors

It is tough to be an undergraduate. You get told all the time what to do, where to be, what to study. Then, just when you get really interested in something, you have to move on. In some ways being … Continue reading

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Meaningful undergraduate research

Undergrads brighten up the lab with their happy enthusiasm and growing discovery of the joy of research. Our job is to guide them in   meaningful projects where they discover something new by engaging in the full process of research. I … Continue reading

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Feeding the undergrads at a Saturday workshop

This was the first time we did a Saturday skills workshop. It ran from 8:30 in the morning until 1:00 pm, when two students had another activity. We did it because we wanted to teach the seven new students to … Continue reading

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The value of study questions – a set on The Selfish Gene

How do you know what is important? Have you ever read a chapter carefully, even taking the three times, once quickly, second time carefully, third time to confirm, and then still done poorly on the test? You took notes, right? … Continue reading

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