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Is tenure failure a social failure, not an individual failure?

A great piece by Cin-Ty Lee in his blog, Down to earth questions, makes the wise point that tenure denied is a problem from many levels other than the individual. It could be a hiring problem, a mentoring problem, an … Continue reading

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Postdoctoral openings in the Queller/Strassmann lab!!!

Hello, everyone,  here is the official ad. We are hiring! Available postdoctoral fellowships on social evolution and symbiosis at Washington University in St. Louis. One or more postdoctoral positions for 2-3 years are available for work on several aspects of … Continue reading

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Undergrads, sign up to present your research now!

The sooner you get used to presenting your work, the better. It is so important to be able to talk about your work outside your research group. Why did you do this? Why is it important? Just because your adviser … Continue reading

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How to get a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, a SURF

If you aren’t going to change your life by studying at a biological field station, there are few better things to do with an undergraduate summer than research. One of the more interesting programs is called SURF, Summer Undergraduate Research … Continue reading

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How is a woman supposed to behave?

Should we women be retiring, or aggressive? How do we strike a balance between being modest, yet letting our brilliance shine? How many times have you heard stories of women who were viewed as too assertive, with career consequences? There … Continue reading

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Why I like the separation of academic departments and colleges

One of the best things for creative scholarship is to feel you are in the company of others also striving for understanding and clarity. That company is often best if it is quiet, even dead. This is because we need … Continue reading

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I hope you have some great lab parties

Neil Buttery and Boahemaa Adu-Oppong are moving on, so we had a lab party to celebrate the wonderful times we have had. It was a pot-luck at our home. We had a British chicken, spinach pakoras, guacamole, bread, cheese, yogurt, … Continue reading

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We have an opening for a technician!

Are you looking for a position for a couple of years before you apply to graduate school? Are you interested in evolutionary biology, genomics, social evolution, behavior, and microbes? Do you want to live in a fabulous city with perfect … Continue reading

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Xenophobia – can we get rid of it? Can we understand it in Arizona?

What kind of meeting do you like best, the kind where everyone has the same background you do, or the kind where there are people of different backgrounds? If the meeting is too large, there will be a natural tendency … Continue reading

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