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How many hours a week can you work on research?

What are my colleagues around the world doing on this Sunday, a brilliantly sunny February day too warm for a jacket in St. Louis? Are they out hiking, bird watching, or cooking a delicious meal? Are they playing with their … Continue reading

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Work life balance: it is OK to work hard

Do you ever get the feeling your career is some kind of race and others view your hard work as sneaking into a car in the middle of a marathon? Do you feel better about taking time off if you … Continue reading

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Work life balance: four essential life activities

Did you have a week right before a grant proposal deadline when it felt like you were doing nothing but work? If you skipped any of these four things, you did not use your precious time as well as you … Continue reading

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Can a professor be a mom?

Guess what? It is normal to have children. They are one of life’s greatest joys. I cannot imagine life without my three wonderful children. There is tons written about the challenges of being a professor with children, but I think … Continue reading

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More on work life balance: get writing done first!

Wouldn’t it be interesting to zoom backwards and forwards to other times and see how much time we really spend working and what areas we work in? Does email count? Checking Facebook? Answering colleagues’s emails? What counts? Does the work … Continue reading

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Vacation is important

Vacation is important Check this one out! Challenge yourself to take a real break!

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A secret solution to the challenge of finding a work-life balance

Wash U has appointed me to their work-life balance committee. It makes me a little nervous, because I’m not sure what I think about this. In my group I want the people with passion for research and for new ideas. … Continue reading

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