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First identify your jargon, then avoid it

Jargon has a use. We do certain things over and over in our lab that need shorthand names. The trick is to remember that these words mean something only inside the lab group. I’m sure you have some family words … Continue reading

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Don’t weaken your writing with these three common mistakes of sentence structure

Communicate your research in the best possible way so it will get the attention it deserves. We can all think of someone who seems to get all the publicity, but doesn’t seem to be doing anything more exciting than what … Continue reading

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A three thousand word day

My graduate students, post-docs, and technicians are four days away from a thousand word deadline. The undergrads are an equal number of days away from a five hundred word deadline. This should be no surprise to them, because the due … Continue reading

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Easy tips for effective writing

Why is it so hard to write clearly? Is it because we don’t know what to say? Is it because we jettison all common sense when we write and try to adhere to some fancy form we imagine is sophisticated? … Continue reading

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Are you writing and revising 2000 words a month?

Do you choke when it comes time to write? Do you write a paragraph, then clean your desk, order supplies, go for a run, or can a hundred pounds of tomatoes? If writing is a part of your daily life, … Continue reading

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