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I love strong women scientists!!!!! OK, folks, don’t mess with anyone from Memphis, not my daughter, not DNLee.

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Gender bias is terrible at scientific meetings

Just time for a quick post. It is bad and getting worse. Are we women invisible? Are we a distraction? Inadequate? What is it? Check out this post from Jonathan Eisen here. Or look at the latest from Jabberwocky here. … Continue reading

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Are female professors invisible to undergrads?

One hundred percent of the last eight undergraduates to contact us about doing research in our laboratory have contacted my male partner and not me. Only one of these students was female. She too contacted only Dave. What is going … Continue reading

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How is a woman supposed to behave?

Should we women be retiring, or aggressive? How do we strike a balance between being modest, yet letting our brilliance shine? How many times have you heard stories of women who were viewed as too assertive, with career consequences? There … Continue reading

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