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Can you answer this crucial scientific question?

“Where did you see that,” may not seem like the most crucial question, but for natural science, history, geography, archaeology, and many other fields, provenance is crucial information. The volunteers that keep eBird useful will challenge you if you claim … Continue reading

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Undergrads, sign up to present your research now!

The sooner you get used to presenting your work, the better. It is so important to be able to talk about your work outside your research group. Why did you do this? Why is it important? Just because your adviser … Continue reading

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Great figures in your paper are worth the time

If you don’t think figures are crucial to effective scientific communication, think about how much easier it is to remember what a bird looks like than to remember its song. We all know about the special stomach just for desserts. … Continue reading

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What you do not know about ethical science practice

Why should you have anything to learn about ethics in research if you are a good person who learned early about proper behavior? You know not to take things that belong to other people. You know not to cheat. You … Continue reading

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Inclusive fitness: theory and practice, Kavli Royal Society, Buckinghamshire, organized by Andy Gardner and Ashleigh Griffin

The first session has inclusive fitness luminaries Andy Gardner, Alan Grafen, David Queller, and Peter Taylor. We move on to Kevin Foster, Allen Moore, Hisashi Ohtsuki, and Geoff Wild. The second day has Ashleigh Griffin, me, Koos Boomsma, Ben Hatchwell, … Continue reading

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