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Why we fail at hiring Black faculty in biology departments

Today was a day of reflection. How have we gotten to this sorry point in the history of the US? What have I personally contributed to the problem? What have I personally contributed to the solution? How can we do … Continue reading

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There is a new self-sign-up list of women and underrepresented minorities in ecology and evolution

Are you wondering where all the women are? Are you tired of meetings with only a couple women in prominent speaking spots? I think even well-meaning people do not think of us quickly.  Or they think of the same handful … Continue reading

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Do women ever get the faculty achievement awards at your university?

We just got the invitation to the Faculty Achievement and Awards Ceremony from our Chancellor and Mrs. Chancellor (that’s right, her name is not on there except as Mrs. So and So), and from the Faculty Senate Council and its … Continue reading

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Where are all the women speakers? Too much fast thinking?

Beginning tomorrow here at KITP is a meeting entitled Cooperation and the major evolutionary transitions. It runs for 5 days and has 37 speakers. From the look of the program, there will be more biology than there has been among … Continue reading

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Cranky about overwhelmingly male symposia

A retirement symposium for a dear colleague is no place for complaints. No doubt all the people talking are fond of and close to him. He is no sexist, was one of the first people to welcome us to Wash … Continue reading

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