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How to write a letter of recommendation: 5 essentials

“Kind to pets” is what a colleague calls positive letters of recommendation that don’t really say anything. Even worse is “word salad,” a series of highly predictable sentences that could be said about anyone.  I write tons of letters every … Continue reading

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Impress us with your grit: apply for small grants when you are a student

Grit. It is what matters, along with some altruism, intelligence, creativity, and enthusiasm. But grit is what it takes to get the paper out the door. It is what it takes to finish that Ph.D. It is what it takes … Continue reading

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A secret solution to the challenge of finding a work-life balance

Wash U has appointed me to their work-life balance committee. It makes me a little nervous, because I’m not sure what I think about this. In my group I want the people with passion for research and for new ideas. … Continue reading

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